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...so you wanna dance SALSA?
You sure can...

The first step is taking a few dance lessons with
Norbert, your experienced instructor, won the first DANCING WITH BARRIE STARS in 2012. He choreographed the whole event in 2013 as well as the Latin division in 2014. The 2013 and 2014 champions were both Norbert's students.
 Your first lesson with him
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For more than 10 years NORBERT WUNN has been building and maintaining a fast growing Latin Dance Movement/ Community in the greater Barrie area. He has made SMOOTH LATIN GROOVES the most successful Latin dance studio in and beyond Barrie. 
He teaches the major Club Style Latin dances: SALSA, MERENGUE, and BACHATA. He also teaches the latest dance craze KIZOMBA. Latin Dance enthusiasts may complete their dancing skills by learning the CHA CHA CHA and RUMBA. For wedding dances students can choose the SLOW WALTZ. Norbert is also teaching beginner level of WEST COAST SWING.

Norbert teaches and choreographs  enchanting wedding opening dances to make wedding couples look like Dancing With The Stars on their very special day.

Our classes range from absolute beginner to the advanced level for singles, couples and groups...
Ladies don't need a partner. Single men will be provided with a female assistant dance partner.

Dance classes are by appointment only. Since we are fully aware how difficult it may be for our students to fit a weekly dance class into their busy schedule we are able to schedule every appointment individually to meet our students availability. You can book your appointments during mornings, afternoons, and evenings. We are also there for you on weekends upon request...
...see you on the dance floor...